Monday, February 2, 2009

Kirby and Pam S; Reading; What should people eat?

I have a new chatroom on my own site which I'm just LOVING. If you're reading this while it's new, there's a chat later today and one tomorrow, same time. Thursday, January 5 it's Kirby Dodd, my 22 year old firstborn, about World of Warcraft, and tomorrow it's Pam Sorooshian on unschooling and parenting and life. Details are here:
and from there you can go into the chat room any time to check it out, maybe make yourself an account and upload a photo (or get one of your kids to do it for you, if they're old enough to upload). But the room allows for anonymous participation and also guest-with-a-name presence.

These are also new:

Joyce on learning and reading (third item, righthand column)

What should people eat?

There are recent photos of me in a few recent blogposts, in case anyone who reads this isn't a blog follower:

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