Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Parenting Peacefully, Threes, 404 page change

Addition of a link a great quote by Meredith Novak, bottom:
(first addition to that page for years)

This page isn't very important, but if I don't note it here, I might lose it.

Something has been added to my error page (a.k.a. 404 page). IF the URL was once good but has failed, there should be a link to an archived copy at the Wayback Machine site. If you would like to check it out, this is a link that will show you the new feature (which was provided by WaybackMachine.org).
The current URL for that is chores/gift (not chore/gift).

Notes on that:
#1, I very rarely change a URL.
#2, Most errors are people guessing, or entering a link with a typo.
#3, Guessing often works.
#4, if the page is not at the Wayback Machine, that message won't show at all.

photo (a link) by Celeste Burke

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Music, Virtue, "Support"

Music—a new quote at the top of the music page, with a link to a recent chat transcript on Musical Intelligence and musicality

Virtues for Unschoolers—what virtues would you like for your child to have? (new page)

What support is and isn't (problems with support for support's sake)

photo (a link) by Collen Prieto