Saturday, August 28, 2021

Site upgrades, and Don't Struggle!

The "struggle" page has a sweet new quote (up top) and a video restored.
Cleaned up, narrowed...

I finished the restoration of Just Add Light and Stir. Links to photos needed to be changed—all of them, in early years (from photobucket to and then for a few years half, and all the "http"s needed to become "https," and a few other formulaic format improvements. Of the nearly 3900 posts, I changed all but about 300 (which were the most recent, and already "up to code").

I finished that earlier this month, after a little over a year of working on it a few hours at a time as often as I could persuade myself. Now I've moved on to webpages.

My advisor and rescuer in all of this is Vlad Gurdiga, who figures out little bits of code I can use to make big changes. Many pages have been made narrower, for reading more easily on a phone. Some can't be, and some I won't get to, but increasingly, gradually, things are better.

Another thing Vlad found for me was a magic spell (okay, two lines of code, and the back-end support) that will put a folder full of photos up as a gallery, and I've made my travel photos work! When you're through looking at a set, click the "x" in the top right.

Travel Photos:

Some of the blogpage links from this page might have some image glitches or missing videos, but I will eventually repair them all, I hope.
photo (a link) by Sandra Dodd, at Archeon, in The Netherlands