Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mystery art, another random generator, new quotes
The new image in the upper left leads to a couple of new pages. Follow the trail.

I'm never sure whether to include my family blog as part of the site, but for those who would vote yes, I've put a random generator there, in the upper left. It has 2005-2007 in, and I'm half finished with 2008.

The quotes collection has some new items at the bottom:

Thanks, all, for reading!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Joy, Gratitude, Service and Gifts

"Maybe dishes make other people joyful. Maybe that's why they think I should be joyful while doing dishes. Hmmm . . . maybe I am OK not being joyful every minute. Maybe this isn't a problem for me. Maybe I don't need someone to tell me it's OK not to be ceaselessly joyful."

Yep, someone actually wrote that on an unschooling list. But luckily, I saved Ren's response!
It's been a while, but that page is all spruced up now and connected to the one below it.

In Friday's chat, the topic turned to older kids jumping up to help bring in groceries and put them away. Then it turned to service, and that idea at a pretty deep level, so I saved all that.

Good URLs, huh? Easy to remember or to guess. This one, not so much. An oldie but goldie I've linked back and forth with the two above.

Cleaned up, and image added to the index page of the chores section:
(That used to be chore without an "s" and I changed it, so if you had it bookmarked or linked anywhere, if the link doesn't work, just add the "s".)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tone of Voice, Jenny, Jill

Tone of Voice and Joy
(not new, but spruced up with notes of improved access to information, and a talk you can hear freely that used to cost money)

A page to link to things Jenny Cyphers has written, with two sub-pages:

There are photos on the page about Jill's 7th Anniversary of Unschooling now. Puppies. Seriously...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reading without hearing well, Seven Years Unschooling

Something new from Ruth, in Yorkshire, on Encouragement and Confidence about Reading
(there at the top)

Because Jill Parmer wrote something very sweet about their Seventh Anniversary of Unschooling, I created a new section.

If any of you have similar times of note in your lives and would like to write, or if you've already written or blogged and would like to have your special event or time linked or included, please let me know.

Another newly finished and deposited for your reading enjoyment:
That turned into a discussion on ASL (American Sign Language), and other things, so although it ties in to the hard of hearing and deaf, Ruth is in the U.K. so some of those resources might not be good, though Four Weddings and a Funeral has a deaf Englishman signing.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Video Interview by Lee Stranahan

Video, part one, of an interview with me. This is on the blog of the UnConvention to be held in Albuquerque in June, and which might also be held later in Los Angeles, I hear. It's small and inexpensive! If you watch it there, maybe leave a note so the organizer will know someone's looking. Lee Stranahan, who's created the conference, also made the video.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Toddlers, Infants, and The Chewbacca Defense

Thanks, Tammy in Australia, for the new title art for the toddler page:

It also appears here, in the righthand column:

Joyce shared a hundred-year-old poem on the treatment of infants:

To Get More Jokes
The Chewbacca Defense video has disappeared. I have another one.
This one will someday disappear. Watch it before it too is a bad link.

I wish to thank Brad Holcomb for generating a report on my site that shows broken links. About four percent of my links were broken, but many of them are fixed now. Nancy Wooton also sent a list of broken links, some of which are still broken because some people just don't keep their sites up forever. Those are on my list to repair or to drop from the video games page. If any of you find bad formatting, typos or broken links, please let me know. I'd rather fix them than let them stay there. Typos or informalities in quotes from online discussions can stay, but if they make something confusing or scatological, please send a note with a link to the page it was on. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

cleaning up seen as replacing a canvas; being

"Now I think of cleaning up after my kids as replacing a canvas."
Not new, but new on my site, and one of the best quotes ever.
Third item here:

This little exchange was posted at the Always Learning List, so I'm sharing it and the link it rode in on:

I just wanted to jump in and say that this link is exactly what I needed right now in this moment. Thank you for posting it.

I have been needing that link too, Maisha. That's why I posted it.

So let's just keep posting it. :D It really is very good.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Speaking in June, How To Unschool, and live chats

I'm speaking in Albuquerque in June.
Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 10:00 AM

Several "how to unschool" posts have been gathered together. There's a new directory page for them here:

Online chats continue. There are regular text chats early in the week (Monday afternoon at my house) and late (Friday morning at my house) and times for regular chatters are listed here:

Hema Bharadwaj and I are working on a time for a chat that will work for her in India. It might be Sunday mornings at my house, Sunday evenings at hers. It's not a good time for New Zealand, but with enough regular chats, everyone should be able to get in on one.

The advertisement-free chat room, passworded so trollers don't find us, is $15 per month, and if anyone would like to contribute to this, funds would be gratefully accepted though my regular e-mail address, at PayPal.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

UNESCO report, chores, BEing with children

An UNESCO report places the UK an the US on the lowest places of a list of countries, looking to the well-being of children, and places the Netherlands on the top of the same list.

Deb Lewis on how a parent can overcome feeling "taken advantage of."

Transcript of chat on *being* with kids
from Wednesday, April 1, 2008