Saturday, January 30, 2010

Starting later, Big Book (baby review), discussion list

"As we get older and our kids grow up, we eventually come to realize that all the big things in our lives are really the direct result of how we've handled all the little things." —Pam Sorooshian, June 4, 2007

New page on starting to unschool later:

A new review of The Big Book of Unschooling, by a two-year-old (kind of) here: (not kind of a two-year-old, but kind of a review!)

The discussions on the Always Learning list have been intense of late, and the side benefit of intensity is really good responses. Schuyler's been posting, too, for those of you who missed her. If you're on and haven't been reading, maybe check out the past few topics.

Note in 2022
I updated the link to where Always Learning is now. The archives there are easily searchable, and there are still discussions, sometimes!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sugar-high, unschooling search,

New page on the damaging myth of "sugar high":

New search tool, which searches,, Danielle Conger's "Connections ezine," Joyfully Rejoycing and my site:

Later note: Abandoned again. It's okay.
The old site had decayed and then found its demise, but I was given the name and the keys and it's being remodelled here:
My original hope had been to mine the message board for the good parts, and I did get some, but folders were mysteriously disappearing though the settings said they should remain. It was dismaying. But here's an opportunity to have a general resource site for different kinds of unschooling in one place, perhaps, depending who contributes and volunteers.

Not all the pages are working yet, and I'm not in a huge hurry, but did want to keep all the thousands of links out there from hitting a dead end.

Anyone interested in helping or keeping up with the progress should subscribe to this yahoo group: