Monday, September 27, 2010

Teen/college; Energy; Big Book

Priscilla Sanstead wrote about her daughter's applications to art schools, acceptance to one, at 16, and decision not to go. The side discussions of what and why are very interesting. That's now here (second item):

New page on Energy (personal, unschooling, learning, living energy):

New page on Robbie taking The Big Book of Unschooling to read as soon as it arrives. (He's seven years old.)
A quote:
And, he adds, “Tell her my favorite part so far is where someone asks what unschooling costs and she says unschooling is priceless—because she’s right—it sure is!”

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trouble, TV, differences/intelligences

"Fell in shit and came out smelling like roses" - teenage trouble

Addition to a page about adults looking back at what they've learned from TV.
Dola, in New Delhi, telling what she has learned of the world beyond India (bottom of the page)

Something new on the Multiple Intelligences page:
(at the bottom, something Katherine Anderson wrote last night)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Dad's Journey; "Violent" games; Peace with food

New online (and it's on my site!)
One Dad’s Journey Thru Unschooling (full text)
Phil Biegler—Northeast Unschooling Conference, Wakefield, MA, August, 2010
It will have photos eventually; when it does, I'll link it here again.

Hema Bharadwaj, on video games, added to this page:
(righthand column)

Not new, but new on my site. I've lifted and slightly tweaked a year-old blogpost by Shannon Burton, a beautiful juxtaposition of words and images, about the rules for meals in her childhood, and the way her own children eat.
(Thanks to Kelly Lovejoy for pressing me to help make sure that item was seen by more people.)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

respect, costs, a shift in thinking

Holly, by Holly, last week

Kids feeling respected and supported, second item, new from Joyce Fetteroll:

How Much does Unschooling Cost?

Definitions of Unschooling

I've added this quote by Jenny Cyphers:

Just like ALL learning, learning how to live comfortably and happy are really wonderful things. It takes a focus on turning away from what you know you don't like and turning towards something else, that something else that creates happy learning and living. Unschooling really is a shift in thinking and then acting on it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New interview (me)

A little interview, different from others!

My favorite part is the last section which begins:

5. How have you created such a successful presence/business while pouring your heart into family?

Gradually. It's not "a business" so much as it's a self-supporting mission. (...and I include Keith and the kids in the description and "credits.")

This photo doesn't go with the interview. I took it this morning, because Brenna made the cup. It was given to me for speaking at the Good Vibrations Conference in San Diego last year. And today is Brenna McBroom's twenty-first birthday. Here she is seven years ago: I think I'll request an update. :-)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Words, connections, dads

Clean-up and a video added at Words, Words, Words

Connections: an example (new page)

Dads, by dads, for dads (link to something new by Phil Biegler, up top)

(I could use pictures of unschooling dads, to add to that dads page, please.)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Just Add Light and Stir" (new blog and e-mail service)

Alison Potter, of Glastonbury, Somerset, wrote:

We came to the London Unschooling conference in 2009. I loved listening to you, you were my favourite—you made so much sense to me and left me with a lovely warm glow. Thank you for your website full of amazing tales of wonder and discovery and for your love of life and children. Sometimes i need a paper reminder... Do you do daily email reminders too?
And so in response to Alison Potter, who already has both my books and who wants more input, I'm launching a series of frequent (perhaps daily) notes.

It is September 2, 2010, and I've been a mother since 1986. My three children are safely and happily grown, without school, and there are things I can share with others.

To subscribe to (maybe) brief daily e-mails:
.... [yahoogroups info removed, because there's a better way to subscribe, at the blog itself]
at the related new blog, subscribe by RSS feed.

Thank you, Alison, for the kind words and inspiration.

Gratuitous cat photo by Holly Dodd