Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Not on my site, but me:

Homeschooling: Cómo ayudar a nuestros hijos a tomar decisiones

Streamed live on 22 Apr 2014

Maria José Cifuentes, Yvonne Laborda, Sandra Dodd

Sandra Dodd e Yvonne Laborda hablan de que dejar a nuestros hijos tomar decisiones, si es que a nosotros no se nos dió esa oportunidad, puede ser sanador para nosotros como padres. También se habla de que tomar decisiones empodera, del peligro de pensar que "tienen que..." o "no tienen más remedio que ...", de si realmente toman decisiones o si actuan según el ambiente familiar, de educar sin escuela (homeschooling, unschooling…)


Monday, April 21, 2014

Overuse of the word "addiction"; mind and awareness; recovery

 photo DSC01479.jpgColleen Prieto wrote a lovely response about addiction, and I saved it, about a third of the way down:

Rescued writing, many authors, on cognition and learning:

Recovery from childhood trauma, top of this page, new by Karen James:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fears, looking at and overcoming them

 photo DSC00246.jpgI left a set of three links in a discussion and discovered one of them had never been annouced here, and is not in the randomizer:

Fear, overcoming

Another, called "fears," is in the randomizer and was announced in 2011, but here it is again:

And a page about letting go of fear and control regarding food, with something new by Karen James:
(It is in the randomizer at SandraDodd.com, but hadn't been announced here.)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Chat transcript: Learning from our children

Marta has edited the chat from February 26, when the topic was Learning from Our Kids

That is now associated with a web page which was announced a bit back, but I'll include it again:

The image is a link.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Facts change, skepticism, protecting children (and integrity)

 photo DSC09573.jpgSometimes facts change. It's a comfort to accept that.

While working on a follow-up to the Texas Unschoolers Conference in Austin (to be announced later)
I linked a page on skepticism for them. It was first announced here in 2006, and added to in 2011.

That led to a page called "Protect Your Children."
Now the /protect page has a disclaimer that changes the nature of the information in an interesting way.

(and the image is a link)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Schuyler, new quotes; Meredith, on pressure

Some quotes from Schuyler's presentation about parenting teens, given in March 28, 2014 at the Gold Coast session of ALLive in Australia, have been added to existing pages:




Meredith wrote something good about the problems with pressuring children:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I have not updated the randomizer on my site since October 2011. I'm making this note for my own good. I'm about to make a(nother) new page. There are many new pages not on that randomizer. I will need to come and mine the announcements here to find two and a half years' worth of additions.

Right now, there are 734 pages at the randomizer:

I expect that when it's updated there will be a thousand. (There are over a thousand pages at the site already, but some are subsets of other main pages, or aren't worth being one of the randomizer target pages, for one reason or another.)

Meanwhile, I'm adding a randomizer to this blog. If you've come here to read something you hadn't read before, and if the randomizer on the website is getting boring, try the link at the top left here (or at http://aboutunschooling.blogspot.com).

Friday, April 4, 2014

Active Unschooling, Deb Lewis, Australian follow-up

A response to a claim that watching TV, listening to music and playing video games were passive activities sat quietly for six years until it was linked on an Australian blogpost. Fluffed-up and polished:
Main text is by Amy Carpenter, who wrote that she hadn't seen it since it was new, and was glad to be reminded.
(Thanks to Kim Houssenloge for stirring it back up!)

Deb Lewis was the guest "speaker" at the Wednesday chat on March 26. The transcript is here:

There are follow-up pages with notes intended for attendees of events in Australia last month. They are listed here so they will eventually go on the randomizer,and because they might be fun as random resources now.