Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I have not updated the randomizer on my site since October 2011. I'm making this note for my own good. I'm about to make a(nother) new page. There are many new pages not on that randomizer. I will need to come and mine the announcements here to find two and a half years' worth of additions.

Right now, there are 734 pages at the randomizer:

I expect that when it's updated there will be a thousand. (There are over a thousand pages at the site already, but some are subsets of other main pages, or aren't worth being one of the randomizer target pages, for one reason or another.)

Meanwhile, I'm adding a randomizer to this blog. If you've come here to read something you hadn't read before, and if the randomizer on the website is getting boring, try the link at the top left here (or at http://aboutunschooling.blogspot.com).

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