Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rebellion, Successes, "Help!" and Myths (not the good ones)
I had forgotten about this, so much so that when someone asked a straight-out question about rebellion, I didn't send this link. I found it in fortuitously accidental fashion (as usual).

There are additions to these pages:

New title art (by Holly) and rearrangement; deletion of deadish links.
(still working on that one)
This one looks fine on my Mac, but not so good on the kids' PCs. It's readable either way.
NEW (but not on my site): Two thirds of the way down is a link to something new by an unschooled teenager in Iowa, about parenting and video games. He interviewed me for it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

comparisons, a Spanish translation, Marty's bad poem

Lisa W. wrote a really good summary of what relaxed homeschoolers might do that unschoolers don't
and it inspired me to gather links to similar things I already had (which I have done)
and to put up other comparisons (which I have not yet done, but will).

"Cómo criar a un niño con respeto" por Sandra Dodd...
That is "How to Raise a Respected Child," translated into Spanish by Laura Mascaró, who says she might make a few changes after her brother reads it, but it's there in its first-pass form, and I love the phrase "ese día de panqueque-forzoso." Sounds way better in Spanish than the original "...that forced-pancake day." In Spanish it could be a cool movie title. In English... eh, pancakes.
Laura links the original.

Marty wrote and recited a *terrible* poem in St. Louis a couple of years back and that has been enshrined here:

For photos at my house recently: Unexpected Beauty (and some flowers)

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

anger, time with kids, change, internet joy

A page that time forgot (or at least I forgot it) now has something new from Schuyler:

Commentary on "Precisely How to Unschool"

"It's Getting Easier," by Melissa Hice, right-hand column:

Exciting internet uses (a page with quite a bit of Australian connection)

Extra other:
New Way to Walk at the topics blog,

Photos of Marty and Holly at the top of the Sandias,
(on my blog, and also there;
Kirby as a baby jack-in-the-box, and my 24th wedding anniversary (same post, those two).