Saturday, October 31, 2015

Danger, angles, strewing

 photo PrietoTriangulation.jpegPerhaps people look for or create dangers, in times of peace and plenty.

New page on seeing things (physically and otherwise) from different angles:

Strewing, and how to provide without being self-conscious about it, by Deb Rossing years ago
I don't know why that was not announced before, but here it is.

Photo by Colleen and Robbie Prieto
of trees reflecting in an upstairs window,
viewed through a skylight

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Morality, choices, misconceptions

 photo kdk_0374.jpgHow Morality Grows, and how unschooling can help

The one above has been sitting in the queue waiting for touchup. Two others came along that go very well with it. [October 2015 note: These aren't new, but none were announced before; the post sat in the drafts folder for a long time.]

"It Depends"—thoughts on choice making

Misconceptions about radical unschooling

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Exploration, mistakes, deprivation

Kirby Dodd 1990 photo KirbyAsleepJan90.jpg"Exploration" was started and just lately finished. It's one long but interesting topic from early 2014, with lots of voices:

Addition at the top, to the page on how one might view making parental mistakes:

Not new, never announced before. Collen Prieto, on trauma, toys, hoarding...

Photo of little Kirby Dodd sleeping is a link.