Sunday, September 30, 2007

new art

Bo King, a young adult friend of our family, has done new art work for the unschooling section of the website. We need to tweak it a bit to put it on the main unschooling page, and Holly and I are in Minnesota for a week, but it's in a couple of places now, in two forms: (404 error page)

I requested a tree with three baby dancing trees, artistically kinda like The Flame in the Animaniacs cartoon about the Declaration of Indepence and Sideshow Bob's hair, and look how well he did it.

I love those trees. Thanks, Bo!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

strewing, guarantees, Gilligan...

Something new from Pam Sorooshian, on strewing (second item):

Me, on risks and guarantees...
People on the AlwaysLearning list have seen it:

Phrases to Hear and Avoid
Something new in the box to the right.

I've added a link to this page to my unschooling page (under other voices) and my blog (other unschooling sites):
It belongs to a mom in New Zealand, and I really like it.

There's a new story on the Gilligan's Island page:

In a week and a half I'm speaking in Minnesota. Holly's going with me.
Information is here:

American postage rates and policies changed recently, and it's made it harder and more expensive for me to mail books, so I raised the shipping rates closer to the new rates. Canada's is worst. Sorry. I'm hoping it won't need to be changed for a long time now, though.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

a few odd changes

For those who would prefer a checklist-style directory, here it is:
Maybe you can read my whole website after all! (Nah, not really—but you might feel a greater sense of a accomplishment if you print it out and check things off, if you like that sort of thing...)

If you think you've missed some new pages, check back in this blog!

The ordering page for Moving a Puddle has been amended. The price is up a bit on every category of shipping. I was collecting $4 and spending $4.60 for the stamp.

There are a few new things on the anti-TV page (yeah, I have an anti-TV page—a gallery of illogic and booga-booga, including now a new one that says TV triggers autism). The additions are the box on the right halfway down, and the three images, lower left (which lead to outside sites).

I spent most of the afternoon sifting through my site changing all the "Peaceful Parenting" to the phrase "Parenting Peacefully." Unfortunately and inexplicably, someone has trademarked the term "Peaceful Parenting," and has threatened to make me pay legal fees because I didn't roll and say "sorry" the first time she told me I couldn't use those two words together anymore. Interesting, huh? I guess if I'm giving it away she can't make as much money trying to sell it.

Recent photos of my wonderful children are here:

Thanks for your interest, and I hope September is full of fun for your family.