Monday, December 24, 2007

Mary's diaper bag, a miraculous pog, and more grapes

Mary's diaper bag

a miraculous pog (okay, maybe "remarkable" pog)

and more grapes

It's not about unschooling, except for being about art, history, religion, fruit, the wonders of the internet and parenting. Pretty close.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

self-regulation, South Africa, wood, art, songs

there are very good things by Pam and Joyce here, and some by me; others will be added.

New link, contacts in South Africa

Topic chats:
Outgoing (but you can post indefinitely):
Everyday Art coming soon

Lyrics game had a "wood" day too
and there's a cool photo there

then "last"
and "pain"

If I don't see you here before then, Merry Christmas! The lights on our back gate are here:

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jesus eating grapes, and research on kids' eating

The grapes background is restored to the food section!

I found another Renaissance portrait of Mary and Jesus with a bunch of grapes. This time they're green.

Intro and link to an article by an anthropologist on "Adaptiveness of food learning and food aversions in children"

Holidays and relatives can induce stress in moms, concerning children and cookies and candy. You might find something in these to help you create a more peaceful holiday for your children.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

writing, "Wet Paint," Kelly Lovejoy, wood

Holly made a title and background for
(one and the same art, but she resized it for me)
and I've added her current MySpace "About Me" with her permission.

Kelly Lovejoy has let me provide her "Wet Paint!" article which appeared in the last issue of Connections (now that the new issue is out).
This page is updated too:

There's something new on my blog, concerning Kirby and some anxiety of mine.

The lyrics game continues. The current word is "candy" and the one before was "policeman" (or terms therefor).

Blogspot has made it easier for people to post, so if you had trouble before this week, please try again.

There's a new topics blog, and this week's topic will be wood. If you have stories, ideas, photos or links, please post!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

wonder and the world
I lifted a photo and song list from the lyrics game, when the word was "wonder," and added it to the page on "wonder." (lower right—Sadie as Wonder Woman, Kirby as a dog dressed as a banana)
Two pages have been combined and redirected to one new page. They used to be "/local" and "/unschoolingotherwise." If you have either of those linked on your own sites, you don't have to change anything! The redirect is quick and quiet.

Topics—Explorations for Unschoolers

I've been thinking about "topic chats" again for a while, and this might work. I'm thinking of having a topic each week, and anyone can come by and add links, suggestions, trivia or personal stories here:

The ideas I have so far are

fairness [using, in part, "Harrison Bergeron" (a short story)]
bass lines (in music—instrumental, vocal—bass guitar discussion?)

Marty suggested we could use thinking sticks sometimes—throw two topics and run connections. I think we might try to connect everything to whatever item, movie, story, or concept that's used. I couldn't get the blog names that would make the simplest sense, so I went with "thinking sticks." There will be links to this on my unschooling page and my blog, in case you can't remember where it is.

If it flies, it will be fun, and if it flops no problem. I think it could help people understand unschooling better and enrich their homes if they're lagging. Kind of like strewing for the parents, maybe.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

quotes generator and radio interview

Thanks to the research assistance of Schuyler Waynforth, I have a random quotes generator here now (left, under the random post generator):

Tuesday night, December 11, I'm scheduled to be on The Alan Colmes Show, a syndicated radio talk show out of New York, on Fox Radio. It's 11:00 eastern time, 9:00 Mountain time. There will be someone to refute me (person not yet chosen), and after an exchange (with Alan Colmes moderating) of at least 20 minutes, they'll start taking callers. I won't be on the phone over an hour, I'm told, and they'll keep taking callers after they disconnect from the guests. Three hours altogether, the show lasts.

I don't know how it will go, but I don't see that it can be worse than the Unschooling Discussion list or the forum at I'll write about it the next day (December 12) here:

The associate producer who's my contact wrote:

Unfortunately we don't have an Albuquerque station. We're on about 85
stations across the country. All hope is not lost, though. People can
listen live on or thru Sirius 145 or XM 168.