Sunday, December 16, 2007

writing, "Wet Paint," Kelly Lovejoy, wood

Holly made a title and background for
(one and the same art, but she resized it for me)
and I've added her current MySpace "About Me" with her permission.

Kelly Lovejoy has let me provide her "Wet Paint!" article which appeared in the last issue of Connections (now that the new issue is out).
This page is updated too:

There's something new on my blog, concerning Kirby and some anxiety of mine.

The lyrics game continues. The current word is "candy" and the one before was "policeman" (or terms therefor).

Blogspot has made it easier for people to post, so if you had trouble before this week, please try again.

There's a new topics blog, and this week's topic will be wood. If you have stories, ideas, photos or links, please post!

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