Sunday, November 29, 2015

Growth, TV, Baby Jesus

New, by Janine Davies, looking back at big changes in her family's life:

Small additions to a 2001 page—two links and an update. The world has changed!

Additions to a page about the celebration of newness and innocence, and how to treat our children. MUSIC!
Don't be afraid to read that, nor to watch the videos. There is something bigger and older than religion, and most parents have touched it.

Photo by Julie, of Holly Dodd and Adam Daniel, and it's a link.

Monday, November 23, 2015

14th Anniversary of Always Learning discussion at Yahoogroups

Nov 23, 2001 was the founding date of the Always Learning discussion at Yahoogroups. There were a couple of other groups involved and active in those days; one is archives only now, and one reformed with the same name but different people. Always Learning has survived for fourteen years. That's old, for an online forum! Recent posts are numbered in the 76,221 and such... and we don't have chit-chat there, so that's over 70,000 substantial posts, in fourteen years.

I missed the fifth anniversary of Just Add Light and Stir. The first post was September 2, 2010. Five years of a post nearly every day (I've missed twenty or so, I think, in scattered fashion) adds up to... over 1800, in five years.

The less placid online discussion at Facebook, Radical Unschooling Info, was five years old in February. It was created February 13, 2010.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Time/energy/cost, needs, happy moms

A page on how much time and energy unschooling takes. It's not new, but when I went to add a couple of links, I saw it hadn't been announced here before! So it will be new to some of you.

These two are not new, but they weren't linked to each other and should have been. Each got a little clean-up as the links were added. The two together might be therapeutic for anyone confused or frustated.

Thinking about needs

Being a happy mom