Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Depression, Eating problems, Misconceptions (into Spanish)

Depression, its effects on unschooling, ways to avoid or lessen it

A summary of some recent-ish research on the effects of parental food control on children’s eating habits. (Jo Isaac, PhD and unschooling mom)

Ideas equivocadas sobre el Unschooling, translated from Alex Polikowsky, by Alicia González

photo (a link) by Lydia Koltai

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sugar, Seeing It, Hatred (avoidance of)

Two new tales of kids turning down sugar, by Sylvia Woodman, second item here:

Not new, but not previously announced. "Seeing it"—has a couple of Just Add Light posts appended now.

New page: Hatred (avoidance of), about how saying "I hate that" stunts learning

photo (a link) by Lisa Jonick

Monday, March 7, 2016

Other ideas, skills, service

How other parenting philosophies and ideas can hinder and hamper unschooling:

A page from 2013 that was not announced, about skills children and adults might have:

New writing, by Megan Valnes, about a surprising feeling of wellbeing she experienced.
Lefthand side, near the top:

Photo by Janine Davies; it's a link.