Thursday, December 30, 2021

Being a partner, healing, stereotypes,

New page—a deeper look at being a child's partner

New page on peace and healing, anonymous but it's an experienced unschooler and it's good.

New, on Stereotypes (some humor, some puzzlement)

photo (a link) by Sandra Kardaras-Flick

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

About jobs

photo (a link) by Sandra Dodd,
of Marty at work, years ago
My old jobs page was too wide, too long, and some links had gone bad. Now it is four pages:

New main and intro page:

Stories of jobs (from parents about their own jobs, and some about teen and grown unschoolers' jobs:

The long list of jobs from the original page, with some stories listing jobs, and some outside links to lists (Australian and U.S., but much is applicable anywhere):

Excerpts from jobs section of The Big Book of Unschooling:

The unwieldiness of the old page can be viewed at The Wayback Machine's preservation of it, recently: