Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Ouija-Book / Ouija World / Robyn Coburn

Added image and story to the bottom of:

Retired, somewhat; announced in a discussion, saved here:
Retirement, spiritual retreat, cocooning...

New sound file on the Robyn Coburn page! "The Early Years,"
presentation from the 2005 Live and Learn Conference in St. Louis
(There is a player on that page, and here's a direct link.)

photo (a link) by Sandra Dodd

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Balance (Karen James), Perception

New writing on balance, by Karen James, added here:

An older page, some new images, all links recently solidified:
The Blindmen and the Elephant

photo (a link) by Karen James

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Radical Unschooling, deeper levels, "just"

Improvements, expansions, images added to:

New page, and directory to other in-depth radical unschooling thoughts:

"Just" (when "just..." can be a problem)
The page isn't brand new, but has been improved, and wasn't announced before.

photo (a link to Janine's "Accesible Enlightenment") by Sandra

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Siblings, sharing, what if?

Siblings page, new sound file, general clean-up

Sharing, new images and links

Added photos and links to page on considering "What would happen if..."

photo (a link) by Karen James

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Spirituality, phrases, struggle

Spirituality page, new quote and photo

To the collection of phrases to hear and avoid, added "walked all over me" and comment by Tara F:

Stop struggling! Added a section and five links, near the bottom of "Struggle"

photo (a link) by Amber Ivey

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Screwing up; video games; rebellion

Two new pages, not completely new:

How to Screw it Up—talk given in California in 2010
Full page dedicated to that talk, with plans (hopes) for a transcript

Effects of Video Games—mostly about Grand Theft Auto; mostly humor (with truth)

New by Karen James, about a third of the way down:

photo (a link) by Sandra Dodd

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Seeing, Etiquette, NVC

Short, still, page on seeing. I hope to expand it, but it's good as is, too!

A passage added to the page on etiquette for unschoolers

Problems with "Nonviolent Communication" (NVC), for Unschooling
A couple of additions and link repairs on my page explaining why NVC isn't good for unschooling

photo (a link) by Colleen Prieto

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Tension, Level Up, or not

Tension, in the sense of balance, of the interplay of careful safety and wild exploration, of a solid anchoring:

Leveling up! If there are stages, and if there are layers (like an onion), there can be the hope and intention of reaching that next level.

A story of NOT Changing—how people can plan and prepare and provision themselves and not actually accomplish any unschooling
Second announcement, because now there are some photos with links.

photo (a link) by Cass Kotrba

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Discovery Learning, Independence

Additions of comments to Deb Lewis's article Unguided Discovery

Reminder of a page called Discovery, with something by Joyce Fetteroll

New page, looking at a question about how to teach a young child to be independent.

photo (a link) by Gail Higgins

Monday, July 13, 2020

Resentment, "We", Peace, Monkey Platters

Somehow by accident this collection on resentment was never announced:
It's not new, but I've spruced it up. Smells like Pine-Sol now, or roses.

Addition at the bottom of "When Mom's use 'We'":

Addition of quote from Meredith, and photo, to "Advantages of Eating in Peace"

Monkeyplatters! Saved as backup to a MySpace post and sure enough! MySpace is gone.
Story, photos, list of foods.

photo (a link) by Elise Lauterbach

Friday, June 5, 2020

Pressure, Politics, Late-Night Learning

Addition and clean-up on page about what can happen if parents pressure children:

Reminder of an obscure page on politics (might be a good season, if you're reading this in Spring 2020)
It's about problems for children, if parental focus is elsewhere.

Clean up, additions of photos and links, to Late-Night Learning Comments (several people's stories)


In the past several months, my website has been moved, my photobucket photos have been moved to that new host site, the archives of some older discussions were moved there (all of that thanks to the generous and tireless work of Vlad Gurdiga), and Always Learning moved from yahoogroups to—you don't need to be a member to look around in there.

In the next few months will be the 12th Learn Nothing Day, and the 10th Anniversary of Just Add Light and Stir.

Because of all the moving and changes, I'm working every day, either some or for hours, to restore, update, shore up and solidify the images and links in and among those resources. If you find glitches, missing images, bad links, typos, I would appreciate knowing.

Thanks for reading!
photo (a link) by Chelsea Thurman Artisan

Thursday, April 9, 2020

University, Young Children, (avoiding) Indignation

Story of me (at 18) getting my younger sister into a state university, added up top.
Additional update on Pam Sorooshian's daughters, all of whom have masters' degrees now, at the bottom.

Rearrangement and clean-up of the page on young children:
I moved the list of ideas from a sidebar to the top of the page,but they came out of the chat below that. In between I collected some resources and links people mentioned or set afterward.

Addition, commentary and brief section of the film "Harvey," near the top of

photo (a link) by Nicole Kenyon