Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Success, abundance, empathy

photo by Sarah Dickinson
New story, second item:

New second item, and page name very slightly changed (from / to .html, for those who might have linked it elsewhere)

New page:

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Clare Kirkpatrick, Jo Isaac, and lots of photographers

I have added two new collection pages by unschooling moms whose writing has helped many other families:

Clare Kirkpatrick, in the U.K.

Jo Isaac, in Australia

In response to my request for assistance in November, I received photos for use in Just Add Light and Stir, from:

Jennie Gomes
Meghan Pawlowski
Lynda Raina
Nicole Kenyon
Becky Sekeres
Celeste Burke
Andrea Justice
Eva Witsel
Katy Jennings
Sam and Jasmine Baykus
                      Megan Valnes
Marin Holmes
Elise Lauterbach
Nancy Machaj
Susan Gaissert
Julie Markovitz
Jane Clossick
Andrea Taylor
Abby Davis
Sukayna and Ruqayya
                      Julie T
Murtaza Usman
Shannon Loucks
Susan Waters
Talia Bartoe
Rachel Singer
Janelle Wrock
Heather Booth
Charles Legacé
Ve Lacerda and Rodrigo Mattioli of wearenotlimited
Isabelle Lent

They've all been uploaded and organized, and I've used several already in Just Add Light, beginning 8 December 2015, so over the next few months you'll see new names and imagery there. Please subscribe, if you haven't already: (upper right, under "MORE OF...")

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stress release, being "open to experience"

photo by Nicole Kenyon
and it's a link.
Release your stress! Stress is.... stressful. Addition to page, right-hand box.

Added something at the bottom of "Openness to Experience" and added a link to the chat below:

Edited transcript of a chat about being open to experience:
Openness to Experience chat transcript

Monday, December 7, 2015

Lift him up

I've added a quote about being a child's partner to this page:

It's my writing. I found it on Just Add Light. Sometimes I write something new there. Perhaps I was quoting myself from a discussion, but I usually note that.

The quote is:

There are WONDROUS things people can do with current technology, and it's likely to get better and better, isn't it?

Don't separate your children from the future, from progress, and from understanding and using things just because the parents don't understand them or use them as well as they might. Don't hobble your child out of fear or superstition or trying to impress people you don't even know who want to scare and shame you. Be your child's partner. Lift him up and let him see.

This is what I was glad to come across, to preserve and share again. It's small gift I can share more than once, and you can pass it on within your family:
Be your child's partner. Lift him up and let him see.

Do you have a daughter and not a son? Lift her up and let her see.

Do you have more than one? Lift them up and let them see.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Movies, Fears, Negativity, TV News

The names of the pages sound scary, but the ideas are all about more peace.
If any of this disturbs you, go back to the movie link and find something bright and funny!

This 2010 page about movies for unschoolers has a new list added, upper right:

Joyce, on how fears are formed and maintained (and how to avoid that), added, bottom:

New, by Jen Keefe on being a more joyful mother, upper right:

An argument against watching the news on TV, for mothers of young children

Photo (a link) by Janine Davies

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Screentime; Janine Davies; new, improved, mindful heart

New, about communicating with a spouse, under the photo of Noor:

First it was photos, and now it's writing! Janine Davies has blossomed, and I started collecting:

I was going to link a podcast Amy Childs did of the dregs and leftovers of interviews—things I said that didn't fit anywhere else. The photo at right is by Janine Davies, who is linked above. Click the photo for a quote that ends "it needs to be their new, improved, mindful heart," which then has a link to where it came from. You can hear candid outtakes, as it were, of me about various unschooling ideas.