Monday, December 7, 2015

Lift him up

I've added a quote about being a child's partner to this page:

It's my writing. I found it on Just Add Light. Sometimes I write something new there. Perhaps I was quoting myself from a discussion, but I usually note that.

The quote is:

There are WONDROUS things people can do with current technology, and it's likely to get better and better, isn't it?

Don't separate your children from the future, from progress, and from understanding and using things just because the parents don't understand them or use them as well as they might. Don't hobble your child out of fear or superstition or trying to impress people you don't even know who want to scare and shame you. Be your child's partner. Lift him up and let him see.

This is what I was glad to come across, to preserve and share again. It's small gift I can share more than once, and you can pass it on within your family:
Be your child's partner. Lift him up and let him see.

Do you have a daughter and not a son? Lift her up and let her see.

Do you have more than one? Lift them up and let them see.

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