Friday, November 18, 2011


Here are some comments about when and natural learning starts to really show, and what it looks like.

New in the middle of this page:
"... That has now changed and he has many interests—baking, voice-acting, chemistry, comedy writing, the Rennaisance (thanks, Merlin and the BBC!), and on and on. He had to find a peaceful home in himself before he could start to decorate it with knowledge."

Without deschooling on the child's part:
"It's all come true...the kindness, the respect, the sparkle."

Monday, November 14, 2011

French translations

Four articles (two by me, one by Pam Sorooshian and one by Deb Lewis) and ten "Just Add Light and Stir" posts are now linked on the French page.

Thanks to Catherine Goudouchaouri, Claire Rakotonimaro, and Edith Chabot, of the UK, France and Quebec, respectively, for these gifts of translation! Please pass the links on to anyone who might want more unschooling input in French.

The new pages are:

Imagination De Deb Lewis - Traduit par Catherine Goudouchaouri
Respirer Traduit par Catherine Goudouchaouri
Pam Sorooshian's "I LIVE THEREFORE I LEARN: Living an Unschooling Life.", a translation by Claire Rakotonimaro
L'école dans ma tête Traduit par Edith Chabot

Also by Edith Chabot, from Just Add Light and Stir:

Photo by Leon McNeill, of Claire and me, last summer, in Baud, Bretagne

Friday, November 11, 2011

1994, 1999 (typical days at my house)

"Out of Pink Crayons"

Transcriptions of things published many years ago, but never on my site until now.

On the day I wrote the first part, Holly was two years old, nearly three. She's twenty years old now. The follow-up was written at the end of 1999 or beginning of 2000, because Holly was eight and Marty was ten. There's only a small window between their birthdays.

There are photos and links to other photos, too. Anyone who thinks of me as the mother of young adults can visit a time I had nap-taking children I could carry around on my hip.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Past, The Future and Now

The talk I gave in London last summer can be listened to while looking at the power point presentation that went with it. Tadaa!

There were two tongue-fumbles, but I put notes at the bottom. The slide show doesn't advance on its own. You'll need to change it yourself. Good luck. :-) [No problem just running it back and forth randomly while you're listening, really.]

This photo is me with Emma Fuller. She was over at my house the other day for Holly's birthday, and said she hadn't seen me since London. This was taken the day before I spoke at the LiTTLe Conference. If they have another one, I'm definitely going back.

Friday, November 4, 2011

UK article and chitchat

I had posted something here that I meant to post at

Something else new but not on my site is a new link to a review of this last summer's London conference: The fourth link is new to the site, and she especially liked Schuyler's presentation.

Just Add Light and Stir continues.

This note is here so that anyone who got an earlier e-mail and tries to follow it back won't be frustrated. :-)
Have a nice November!

Gratuitous photo is of Holly on her 20th birthday, two days ago, in the parking lot after a nice lunch with the rest of her family (minus Kirby) and most of the McNeill's (minus Helene and Sophie, whom we'd spoken with by Skype the day before).