Monday, November 14, 2011

French translations

Four articles (two by me, one by Pam Sorooshian and one by Deb Lewis) and ten "Just Add Light and Stir" posts are now linked on the French page.

Thanks to Catherine Goudouchaouri, Claire Rakotonimaro, and Edith Chabot, of the UK, France and Quebec, respectively, for these gifts of translation! Please pass the links on to anyone who might want more unschooling input in French.

The new pages are:

Imagination De Deb Lewis - Traduit par Catherine Goudouchaouri
Respirer Traduit par Catherine Goudouchaouri
Pam Sorooshian's "I LIVE THEREFORE I LEARN: Living an Unschooling Life.", a translation by Claire Rakotonimaro
L'école dans ma tête Traduit par Edith Chabot

Also by Edith Chabot, from Just Add Light and Stir:

Photo by Leon McNeill, of Claire and me, last summer, in Baud, Bretagne

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