Friday, June 5, 2020

Pressure, Politics, Late-Night Learning

Addition and clean-up on page about what can happen if parents pressure children:

Reminder of an obscure page on politics (might be a good season, if you're reading this in Spring 2020)
It's about problems for children, if parental focus is elsewhere.

Clean up, additions of photos and links, to Late-Night Learning Comments (several people's stories)


In the past several months, my website has been moved, my photobucket photos have been moved to that new host site, the archives of some older discussions were moved there (all of that thanks to the generous and tireless work of Vlad Gurdiga), and Always Learning moved from yahoogroups to—you don't need to be a member to look around in there.

In the next few months will be the 12th Learn Nothing Day, and the 10th Anniversary of Just Add Light and Stir.

Because of all the moving and changes, I'm working every day, either some or for hours, to restore, update, shore up and solidify the images and links in and among those resources. If you find glitches, missing images, bad links, typos, I would appreciate knowing.

Thanks for reading!
photo (a link) by Chelsea Thurman Artisan