Thursday, August 29, 2019

Philosophy, Benefits, Reading

Philosophy or That's what it's all about!— spruced up, slight addition in the side box. Good page.

Benefits of reading on the Always Learning discussion (even beyond just "be a better parent"), cleaned up. Worth a read for those who missed it earlier, and worth a second read for the rest.

Clean-up and photos added to an article from 2005 about how my kids learned to read, at "Three Readers"(I quoted it in Just Add Light and Stir)

photo (a link) by Amy Milstein

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Food problems, sugar, "natural diet"

Touched up, cleaned up, three pages on sugar:
Sugar, gathered from various sweet discussions 😊

Sugar as a scary substance

This page had lost its candy-corn lines, so while I was in there I dusted it off.

Humorous video added to the page on orthorexia

Diets and Unschooling (added some and cleaned up; link to a long discussion on diet and human culture)
photo (a link) by Jo Isaac