Sunday, December 23, 2012

Helping out, Joy, guarding speech

Karen James, a Christmas tree, a child surprising his mother...

My article "Rejecting a Pre-Packaged Life" is in the new issues of Pathways to Family Wellness
Here is a facsimile of the page as it is beautifully formatted there (click to enlarge).
In the magazine, though, on its facing page is a beautiful image of paperdolls, each painted differently.
Here's where it already was on my site: It was printed last year in the magazine of Kirkhope, Ettrick and Yarrow Parish, in Scotland. It is the most reprinted of my articles; it's fifteen years old.

"Left to his own devices," addition, up top to the "Phrases to hear and avoid" page

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Colleen, Pushpa, Zach (updates on people)

This was sitting as a draft for over two months and I'm not sure why, but I will use Robbie Prieto's nativity scene as impetus to send it out.

Colleen Prieto, Robbie's mom, thoughtful writer (a new collection)
Click the photo for larger view with comments.

Pushpa Ramachandran, Veda's mom, and a speech pathologist

Follow-up on young adult Zach Sanders, and an essay he wrote about his journey from school-at-home to unschooling and on to being an outstanding university student (see the link on the writing page, righthand box, about his current position).

Monday, December 10, 2012

An anthropology paper on unschooling

Don't forget Just Add Light and Stir (or if you've never heard ot it, there y'go).

I've added the report below to my page with links to interviews:

Unschooling; How Learning through Living Leads to Happiness by Sarah Turner, for Principles of Cultural Anthropology (330) at the University of New Mexico in 2012. (Rose Sorooshian was also an informant. She's not named, but those familiar with her will recognize the parts that are about her.)

The direct URL to the anthropology paper is:

(Only read this if you like academic reports. :-)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bonding, Benefits, Living with Relatives

New, upper right, by Jenny Cyphers on frustration with a young child

Benefits of the Always Learning discussion list (some new writing)

New on living with relatives, by Alex N.