Thursday, May 22, 2014

Connections, Videos in Spanish, Interviews

Colleen Prieto on very cool connections her son is making, on the Connections page, down near the photo.

Three videos; two I'm in (English and Spanish) and one my book is in (Spanish). New to that page.
(Two have been announced here, the third had not.)

More links added to the page of interviews—the videos above, and the interviews of Rippy and Julie (announced here recently):

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Questions & Answers, Spelling, "Education"

Two pages on questions, with easy-to-remember URLs, "faq" and "questions":

Spelling, new title art

Problems with education. Frank's part was there, my part added, and links added.

The image is Pam Sorooshian with her grandson, Wyatt, and links to a quote from Pam ten years ago.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Learn Nothing Day, Julie Daniel

I'm moving all my Learn Nothing Day notes and art to a blog with a randomizer. If you subscribe to that blog, you will see each new bit of art, and some of the older things, once or twice a week until it speeds up in late July. (Then, a long break until next year.)

The Learn Nothing Day feed is showing up on my main page, too (next to Just Add Light and recent posts from this site news blog).

My interview of Julie Daniel, which was in the March issue of HSC's magazine The Homeschooler:
Unschooling in the World: The Efficiency of Unschooling

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rippy Dusseldorp Saran interview, learning, food problems

Unschooling in the World: Kinder and More Compassionate
"Rippy Dusseldorp Saran lives in the Netherlands, in Leiden, with her husband, Graham…"

About unschooling working the same for all children (rediscovered from 2005 writing) (2nd item, 2nd column)

Imperfect page, not new, but a couple of new things in the righthand box:

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Breathing, Mindfulness, Video games and special needs

New on breathing, Caren Knox (in a box 2/3 down), in response to a meditation question.

Continuing to collect examples of cool clues from unintended phrases (righthand box, bottom).

Thanks to Joyce Fetteroll, this page has been updated and expanded!
Kathy Ward was one of the early online writers, on unschooling. At the time there was a great deal of ADD/ADHD concern; Kathy addressed that. Also, video games and dyslexia.