Thursday, October 19, 2006


This note has been brought from an older blog in 2010, and the Connections e-zine is now freely available. There were nine issues, including the sample linked below.

Issue #8
and the links to the archives:

“The piece by Sandra Dodd totally had me all welled up! ALONE it is
worth the price of subscription!”


The subscription to which that reader referred is the $10
subscription to Connections, an e-zine created by Danielle Conger.

2016 note: It's all gone, but my articles and some other folks' were rescued and are on my site, various places.

There’s a sample issue here:

The second “real” issue will be out at the beginning of October. The
article by me last month included my Totally Scientific graph on how
much time to spend with a child at each stage of his life, and
accompanying inspirational text. The upcoming issue will have an
article based on my notes for the talk “Big Noisy Peace,” but it’s
not called that.

As you’ll see if you click on that sample, it’s an attractive set-up
with links back to all kinds of places, and there are quotes from
several unschooling mailing lists, so people can either just read the
highlights that way, or can shop for a list they might like based on
excerpts collected and provided by Danielle.

For people without the time or inclination to participate in a list
every day, this seems a great way to get various people’s opinions
without suffering through too much chit-chat. And it has photos.
Other regular contributors are Ren Allen, Deb Lewis, Ben Lovejoy and
Anne Ohman. Rue Kream has a question/answer spot.

$10 for ten issues (plus back issues) is a good deal. $1 per
carefully edited issue, and you can go back to it anytime during your
subscription period.

At first I was skeptical that it was worth doing, but I really do
like it.


Teens, Mirrors, Art about Art

I've been waiting for these pages to feel more finished, and some have bits I have on hand to add, but before I lose track of what's unannounced, I'll put them out here. Besides, some of you might have great ideas to add. There's another page that ends with "teens" plural, but Holly found a cool photo (she thinks Ren took it) and I thought a simpler kind of index page might be helpful.

I've been working on a set of artsy pages I'm planning to add the photo of Kelly hugging Cameron, from 2005. Haven't yet. ←DONE.