Saturday, February 2, 2008

Advice generator (kind of)

In the side-column to the left I've added a quote generator, but the quotes are fairly generic. They're standard advice from the UnschoolingDiscussion list and the AlwaysLearning list (and others). Some are specific to people (Pam Sorooshian's "nest," Joyce Fetteroll's "Yes" and my "strewing"), and they're all easily discovered by anyone wanting to read more by searching here:


Bea said...

I have a cherry pit pillow! I bought it in Belgium when I was pregnant with Linnea. It's called Kersepitje (little cherry pit, in Dutch)

You can see it (and others) there:

They are microwavable, although they say it's better to warm them in the oven.

Bea said...

oops, posted that in the wrong windown!

Sandra Dodd said...

That's no problem! The pillow Bea's talking about is described here: