Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Susan G. wrote:

-=- When I'm tired and tempted to wallow for a few moments in some
self-centered thought, I force myself to get up and place myself back
within the family circle. It's infinitely better than the other
choice, because I soon forget why I wanted to wallow in the first
place. There's something written about service being the antidote to
suffering . . . I don't mean "service" like martyrdom, but like
involvement, interaction, being there for and with the family. It
always works.-=-

I wanted to save it but I didn't have a perfect place for it, so I
made one:

Please pass this on to anyone who's wondering about unschooling.
It's yet another good "front page" to the information I've been
collecting for years now.

There are some little folding pictures cubes, and however you unfold
and re-fold, it's still a picture on each surface. My unschooling
website is starting to seem like that to me.

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