Thursday, February 21, 2008

dyslexia, being fascinating, and getting jokes

Interesting fallacies on dyslexia added here, about the fourth item:

It was sent for this page, so I'm going to link them both:
Even though nothing's new there, some of you might not have seen it (or not lately).

A pair of articles got separated in space and time but are together and more easily available.
"To be Fascinating at Cocktail Parties" and "To Get More Jokes" are


Anonymous said...

For many reasons regular spellchecker don't work effectively with people how suffers from dyslexia (10-17% of the population).
In order to help dyslexics we established a company named Ghotit ( that develops different internet services that helps dyslexics perform better in their day to day activities.

Ghotit first solution is an online context sensitive spell checker that is capable to coupe with severe spelling mistakes and misused word for example Ghotit will offer a user that spells "I will be happy to meat you at 8 o'clock" to change the word meat to meet.

I will be happy if you will be willing to take Ghotit for a test drive and find it helpful

How to use Ghotit spellchecker:

1) Make sure you are in edit mode. If not, press the Edit Text option.
2) Enter your text. Currently up to 200 characters are supported. Remaining numbers of characters are presented in the bottom of the spellchecker.
3) Run Check Spelling.
4) Misspelled words are marked in red; suspected misused/out-of-context words are marked in blue.
5) Perform corrections by right-clicking on the marked word.
6) Review and select the correct words. To help you select the correct word Ghotit provides you a sub-menu with the definition of each candidate words. The selection of the correct word is performed in the sub-menu by selecting the option "Select candiate_word".
7) Once your have corrected/ignored all marked words, run the spellchecker again to perform to get additional Ghotit recommendations.
8) Repeat the process till Ghotit states that it is done and has no more recommendations to provide.
9) Press Edit Text to enter Edit mode so that you can copy th

Sandra Dodd said...

I'm leaving the spellchecker advertisement because I like that it leaves stuff like this:

Ghotit first solution is an online context sensitive spell checker that is capable to coupe with severe spelling mistakes and misused word

Would Ghotit First Solution know it should be "to cope" instead of "coupe"? Maybe the author didn't use the spellchecker. But if others of you want to, it's here:

And it starts off with people how suffers from dyslexia (10-17% of the population)...

That's a lot.

There are lots of things those people can do besides write website advertisements. "The world is so full of a number of things I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." Me, I don't play football or climb mountains. Others can do that.

It's okay that not everyone is great at spelling and punctuation. Holly's good. People can hire her to proofread in years to come.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra Dodd

Thanks for your comment we fix our algorithm problem and now Ghotit correct the coupe to cope problem.

Ghotit is operated by myself (yes I'm dyslexic) and the only why I have in order to improve Ghotit algorithm is to ask people to try it (Ghotit is free).

If Ghotit had the funds that are required I could of left the writing assignment to people like yourself and focus more on development. due to the fact that we develop Ghotit for the last year without any funding I need to do the writing and unfortunately from time to time I send a note with spelling mistakes (you need to see how I write without Ghotit in order to understand the difference)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra Dodd

In addition to my previous reply please find below 2 comments I have received the first one is from a British girl the second one is from a large US group that helps people with dyslexia.

1)i really like it and i'm so glad i found it!! it will really help with my homework etc and my teachers wont get angry at me annymore!!

2)Thank you for contacting us with your product. I tinkered with the spell checker for sometime this morning, entering common mistakes that our dyslexic students (and ADD) students make in spelling. I must say that I am extremely impressed with your product and would certainly like to further evaluate it with our students over the next several weeks.