Sunday, June 9, 2013

Scary? Child-led problems, and skyping in the woods

 photo DSC00253_zps1e30abe7.jpgMichelle Thedaker, on how hard it is to change (new page):

Child-led learning (new page inspired by something Colleen Prieto wrote)

Screentime in the woods? Communicating in the real world. (addition, up top, Brie Jontry)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Phrases to avoid; a Portuguese conversation; FAQ

If you cater to his every whim, will he still throw a fit?
More on "whim," new on "to throw a fit."

Two new things in Portuguese. The first was never in English.
The second was translated by Marta Pires.

Uma Conversa Sobre o "Unschooling"...Em Português!

Perguntas mais frequentes sobre o "unschooling" e respectivas respostas

The image is of sculpture in a pond at the Lady Bird Johnson wildflower center near Austin, and it is a link.