Friday, December 27, 2019

Website changes! Things are good.

I am happy. I am relieved.

In May 2019, things were changed at the hosting company where had been for years. It had changed hands, from yahoo small business, to a couple of other things, and one day I woke up and most links were going to the error page. Almost every link from Just Add Light and Stir was going nowhere. Many images had only error boxes.

Pam Laricchia was finishing up a new edition of my book, which has a link on nearly every page. I panicked! Pam and her son, Michael, brainstormed and wrote some code for the error page which worked well to get people through to pages. That was wonderful, even though some of the routine link images were broken.

Google's crawl did not wait around for a redirect, though, and so it became harder and harder to find anything on my site with google. That's how I locate things there myself, too.

I did appeal to the hosting company, after much frustration, and resorted to a paper letter in an envelope with a stamp, which got me a long explanation (by e-mail) that what they had done was to bring their site up to current code (and it sounded like nonsense, really) and they were sorry, blah blah.

Had I touched any of the dozens of foreign-language pages, all the code would've turned to ashes. That lasted half a year.

BUT TODAY! Today, this very day, things are all much better. The site is stable, at another host company. The images are working. The search is working. GOOGLE IS WORKING! Google has had a week to gather up some links, since was moved, but just as the site went live at its new home, Photobucket went haywire for a week. A whole week. So images that had been working before disappeared, on the site, and also in most of the early years of Just Add Light and Stir.

Vlad Gurdiga has been generous and patient, and altogether heroic, having offered to help me move. I'm grateful for his knowledge, time, ability and understanding. He's not used to helping old women maintain their cottage-industry-class html pages, but he said lots of families have benefitted from the site, and he wanted to help.

For the past seven months, if people found glitches or typos on the site, I was either afraid to or unable to fix them, but now if you find something, let me know! It will take a while to get through all the scraps of paper and notes I have to myself to fix this or that when I can, but I hope to keep on repairing and adding as long as I'm able.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to poke around a bit and look for some errors I can repair, here:

photo (a link) by Lydia Koltai