Tuesday, January 23, 2024

"Nest" (addition from 2005)

Added to the page "Building an Unschooling Nest," today:

Sandra, in 2005, to someone who described her son's BEAUTIFUL day, and asked if she should be doing more.

If there's a party at your house and there's enough food, there's toilet paper in the bathroom, the trash isn't overflowing and each guest is smiling or laughing, could you do more?

LIKE WHAT? Let partying dogs dance!

Things will change from time to time, and there will be lulls and slow days, but much of what you name up above DID involve your "doing."

I'll write more later, but Keith and Holly want me to get in the hot tub with them. Woohoo!! It's happening because I clean it every week and I built a fire earlier today, so it's hot. I washed swimsuits. I didn't say "It's time to get in," but I did prep work to make it possible.

Don't discount transportation, food, clothes, hospitality to friends, etc.


Others had encouraging words for the mom, too. That was before we were using the idea of the creation of "an unschooling nest." Here is that discussion.

-----------end of quote/addition---------------

Here's a photo of that hot tub, which we had for many years, but it became leaky near the top, for being in the high, dry desert. Lower, where it was kept wet (it was either filled or being washed), no leaks. Higher on the boards,they were shrinking from low humidity.

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