Saturday, December 8, 2007

Topics—Explorations for Unschoolers

I've been thinking about "topic chats" again for a while, and this might work. I'm thinking of having a topic each week, and anyone can come by and add links, suggestions, trivia or personal stories here:

The ideas I have so far are

fairness [using, in part, "Harrison Bergeron" (a short story)]
bass lines (in music—instrumental, vocal—bass guitar discussion?)

Marty suggested we could use thinking sticks sometimes—throw two topics and run connections. I think we might try to connect everything to whatever item, movie, story, or concept that's used. I couldn't get the blog names that would make the simplest sense, so I went with "thinking sticks." There will be links to this on my unschooling page and my blog, in case you can't remember where it is.

If it flies, it will be fun, and if it flops no problem. I think it could help people understand unschooling better and enrich their homes if they're lagging. Kind of like strewing for the parents, maybe.

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