Tuesday, April 15, 2008

comparisons, a Spanish translation, Marty's bad poem

Lisa W. wrote a really good summary of what relaxed homeschoolers might do that unschoolers don't
and it inspired me to gather links to similar things I already had (which I have done)
and to put up other comparisons (which I have not yet done, but will).

"Cómo criar a un niño con respeto" por Sandra Dodd...
That is "How to Raise a Respected Child," translated into Spanish by Laura Mascaró, who says she might make a few changes after her brother reads it, but it's there in its first-pass form, and I love the phrase "ese día de panqueque-forzoso." Sounds way better in Spanish than the original "...that forced-pancake day." In Spanish it could be a cool movie title. In English... eh, pancakes.
Laura links the original.

Marty wrote and recited a *terrible* poem in St. Louis a couple of years back and that has been enshrined here:

For photos at my house recently: Unexpected Beauty (and some flowers)

Thanks for looking!


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