Saturday, April 11, 2009

Toddlers, Infants, and The Chewbacca Defense

Thanks, Tammy in Australia, for the new title art for the toddler page:

It also appears here, in the righthand column:

Joyce shared a hundred-year-old poem on the treatment of infants:

To Get More Jokes
The Chewbacca Defense video has disappeared. I have another one.
This one will someday disappear. Watch it before it too is a bad link.

I wish to thank Brad Holcomb for generating a report on my site that shows broken links. About four percent of my links were broken, but many of them are fixed now. Nancy Wooton also sent a list of broken links, some of which are still broken because some people just don't keep their sites up forever. Those are on my list to repair or to drop from the video games page. If any of you find bad formatting, typos or broken links, please let me know. I'd rather fix them than let them stay there. Typos or informalities in quotes from online discussions can stay, but if they make something confusing or scatological, please send a note with a link to the page it was on. Thanks!

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