Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reading without hearing well, Seven Years Unschooling

Something new from Ruth, in Yorkshire, on Encouragement and Confidence about Reading
(there at the top)

Because Jill Parmer wrote something very sweet about their Seventh Anniversary of Unschooling, I created a new section.

If any of you have similar times of note in your lives and would like to write, or if you've already written or blogged and would like to have your special event or time linked or included, please let me know.

Another newly finished and deposited for your reading enjoyment:
That turned into a discussion on ASL (American Sign Language), and other things, so although it ties in to the hard of hearing and deaf, Ruth is in the U.K. so some of those resources might not be good, though Four Weddings and a Funeral has a deaf Englishman signing.

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