Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Food freedom, chat and a contest

There's a good discussion at AlwaysLearning about young children and food limits, particularly in adopted children who were food-deprived before they came to the unschooling home.

At the bottom of this page I've put my favorite part so far:

There is a chat scheduled for Friday, February 27, about food and unschooling.
I plan to put up a transcript, so the link should have something useful whether you go there before or after.

I want photos for my monkeyplatters page:
The best images received between now and March 15 will get prizes, by mail, for real. "Best" will mean most interesting or attractive or fun. It might be some combination of the arrangement of the platter and the photography too. I don't care if photos are cropped or photoshopped or re-colored. It's not a photography contest. It's a call for inspiration for other moms to make platters of fun foods for their own kids.

Send images or questions to me here or put them on your blog and send me a link, or send me a link to where they are on flickr or photobucket or somewhere, if I can lift them from there.

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