Monday, February 23, 2009

"Lazy," London, and other "L" words

Something short but strong has been added in the words of Robyn Coburn to
and so it's a good time to bring that page out again!

I'll be speaking at a conference in London on July 25.
Because July 24 is Learn Nothing Day, I will have to be vigilant in that environment!

The Letter L
Holly discovered Billy Idol last week, and I reminded her of "Letter L," a Sesame Street bit.

She sent the youtube version to some friends of hers, and so it's been played here lately. I wanted to share it with any who might have known "Rebel Yell" but not the Sesame Street treatment of it:

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Anonymous said...

great show, i wish the sesamstreet over here wil be rock too.
Holland Europe