Thursday, February 12, 2009

Transcript of Pam Sorooshian chat

Pam Sorooshian answered questions about her family's history, religion and experiences on January 6, 2009 in a chat. The transcript has been edited for easier reading and is here:


Sally said...

Sandra, the Pam chat transcript is a little confusing to read. E.g. There's one phrase that Pam says about adults being a different species that's repeated 3 times. Just mentioning it because I know you like knowing about errors so your pages can be smooth. :)

Additionally, I read the transcript of the chat about unschooling with really young kids, and I was inspired! I froze a bunch of different shapes, and my kids and I played with them, first time in the bathtub (the bundt pan ring was really fun to watch melting) and then we froze everything again and played outside with buckets and the spigot. We made a river. It was AWESOME. I took photos.

Another inspiration I got from "Moving a Puddle" was that we went to a park with a sandbox yesterday, and I brought along half a dozen Tonka trucks and some bowls and stuff for scooping. We were there for most of the day, and we had kid after kid after kid cautiously approach our toys and then play really happily when I told them to come join us. At some points we had only one kid digging and dumping and sometimes about 10 kids sharing the toys and digging down into the wet sand below and trying to build sand castles or cakes with the bowls and cups. A boy's parents commented to each other as they were leaving, "We'll have to remember that next time. Bring trucks and Tupperware." It was a really great day, and I wanted to thank you for tossing me that bone. :D

Sandra Dodd said...

Thank you, Sally! I had serious problems with that transcript, but because of that the next one went really smoothly. I'll try to fix it but I might have to put a "caution--bumpy road for next 70 lines" note. (I hope it's not much more than 70.)