Saturday, January 31, 2009

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How to Avoid Trying to Control Husbands, regarding unschooling
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Me, quoted very nicely, in an article by an eclectic homeschooler:

If the child's boundaries should be respected, what about the parents?
Robyn Coburn, third item on that page

One of the live chats is now a page. I'm not quite finished with the right column, but it's worth sharing already.

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Sally said...

Re: controlling husbands.
So awesome! Thanks for adding that (and for letting us know about it). It's just what I'm struggling with right now. If I can just LIVE the joy and really (really really, with no pretense) celebrate it in my relationships with my kids, it would probably be more effective than any amount of "Look at this twig!"s.

Re: Video game/Cooking show analogy quote.
I think I'll remember that one really well for future discussion. I love watching cooking shows, as well as crafting and home improvement stuff, like HGTV. My husband likes watching hunting videos on YouTube. It's part of his product research when he buys a new gun or gear.

It's too bad that mom is "schooling" the classics, though. I had such a hard time forming honest opinions of books as a young person because I was always reaching for approval and grades, and I didn't feel I could sincerely say something like, "Yeah, this book has a good message, but the characters are shallow and the scenic descriptions are wordy and boring." All that pushing scared me away from picking up works that I might have enjoyed, especially when I had like a movie version. It hurt me to imagine that maybe my initial reaction would be that a "classic" author was boring or sort of silly or really needed a better editor. I wanted to be among the snobbish intellectual elite, those who can't actually trust themselves with an honest opinion.