Thursday, January 22, 2009

Me, speaking 12 years ago

Thanks to the interest, know-how and generosity of Lauren and Lee Stranahan, there is another recording of me available for you to hear or to download freely.

It is here, with a disclaimer and some other notes and links:
Introduction to Unschooling

The art at right is by Dee Sanchez, who was the coordinator of the conference that year. The main speaker was Mark Hegener, and his daughter Jodi (then a teen) was there. The more conservative homeschoolers of New Mexico Family Educators changed things severely after that unschooling conference and the inclusivity of the statewide organization pretty much dissolved.

Then Dee published a newsletter/magazine called Enchanted Families for a few years, which is where some of my essays first appeared, and also Carol Rice's article about her son learning to read, which is on my site and has encouraged many parents.

The round art was on a t-shirt that year, and I colored the New Mexico flag yellow on mine and wore that shirt for years, and lost it somewhere. When I was speaking, my kids were 5, 7 and 9, I think I say in there somewhere. (I'll correct this if anyone who listens wants to confirm/deny, or if I listen to it later again.)

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