Saturday, October 20, 2007

principles, negativity, cartoons

Something new from Joyce, on principles
at the bottom

New from Deb on negativity
at the top (and it's new to the page, but not newly written)

Cartoons! Defense of kids watching cartoons, a page I don't guess I had ever announced. It wasn't linked anywhere, and was sitting there with a big formatting error. So I added to it, spruced it up, and here it is, with illustrations and its own links
That "t" in the middle is for tv. When I first started my site I didn't know at all what I was doing. Now I kinda know what I'm doing, but the old urls are still sometimes mysterious. If you forget how to get there in the future, go to and you should be able to find it again.

Creating webpages this way is like making quilts from materials other people have donated, but each scrap has life-changing power and sparkle. THANK YOU to those who write these wonderful bits, and to those who send them to me and say "Use this one!"

Real children's lives are made better all over the world when their parents can relax and smile and say "okay, let's do that!"

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