Monday, October 15, 2007

pages I've tweaked lately

Things have been added or repaired on these pages. Maybe some of them are new to some of you, and new is new, right?


Breathing (this is a page I've never announced before because it was too small; it's still too small...)

Children and Parents as Adversaries

Being your child's PARTNER, not his adversary
There's nothing new there but a link, but I hate to put the adversary page up without the partner page.

Late-Night Learning
Cleanup, replaced a background that had gone missing, added a photo

And I fixed it so that the new tree art replaces the old tree art on the error and search pages
If you use my search boxes you should get the four trees Bo King made me, instead of the one tree on a book I used to use, which only appears now (I hope) at

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