Thursday, October 18, 2007

New favicon

To those using Internet Explorer, this will mean little to nothing, but I have a note at the end...

I've changed favicons for the unschooling pages. There used to be a little duck. Now there's a tree—the smallest of the four trees Bo made for me. That's what should show to the left of the URL in the address box on a browser. Eventually the SCA pages will all have the duck.

At the moment, it's on some. These two should have a tree and a duck, respectively:

I lost the background on the unschooling page while dinking around with this change. I deleted my backgrounds folder. That's probably a good thing. That background was left over from when my unschooling page was on and they counted the characters and the fanciest art I could have was this:

I have read (yesterday) that if one on Internet Explorer saves a link to a site, the favicon will show. I read it on the internet, so it must be true. (eeep)

I like those trees Bo made me. They're to represent me and my three children, and I like the symbolism of big strong trees that grow from such small seeds.

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