Saturday, April 7, 2012

Child's partner, Portuguese, and a poetic rant

Addition to being your child's partner, a quote of Schuyler Waynforth, which quotes Pam Sorooshian and links to something she wrote. (The new material is the second item on the page.)

There is a page for Portuguese translations. At the moment it has five "Just Add Light and Stir" entries, but there is a translation of an interview in its final editing stages, and that will be added when it's ready.
Marta Pires is the translator, and also the organizer of a gathering in Lisbon a year from now at which Joyce Fetteroll and I will speak and also, I hope, Alex Polikowsky (who lives in Minnesota but grew up in Brazil)

Alex wrote something this week that I've saved, too, to help when people think unschooling is doing nothing. It's the theme of recent days, and she has said it quite strongly.

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