Saturday, April 14, 2012

Breathing, socialization and cake

Something new, about yoga at work, and parenting is work!! (Work you can't well leave, so the info can be very useful, right away.)

Socialization, new link to an outside blog, upper lefthand photo (in the "all photos are links" section)
and I put something short there (top) from a talk I gave.

Cake (new cake by Marin Holmes, first in the lefthand column)
The page is about what cakes represent, and the juju of cake sacrifice, but the art is just FUN!


Sandra Dodd said...

I came to fix the spelling on "socialization" in the text. Sorry for that the first time around.

Sandra Dodd said...

That was exciting. This was mailed out to all subscribers (again, I assume) on December 6, 2012! :-)