Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Interview, Sugar, Deb Lewis, TV, Connections

Deb Lewis comments on whether people can or cannot choose freely to eat something sweet:
and so a link to that page was added to the Deb Lewis page

Unexpected learning from TV, longterm report

New Interview:
To make up for a wildly unfair commentary on this site, one of the editors spoke with me by phone for half an hour, and then gave me a list of questions based on that conversation. Except for the intro, title and questions, it's my writing.

On the Thinking Sticks blog the format has been changed so that each article has suggestions for other links within the site, and the left sidebar starts off with the blogs of unschoolers. I've added some other blogs. If you know of a good blog by a radical unschooler that's not there, let me know. Thanks!

Coming in May, an article-version of a talk I've given two and a half times called variously Unforeseen Benefits of Unschooling or Unexpected Benefits of Unchooling. I wrote it for Life Learning Magazine, which isn't published on paper anymore, but is a subscription online (or printable PDF) magazine. Click the advance-cover image for a table of contents for the upcoming issue.

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