Sunday, April 18, 2010

"If only..."; divorce; new quote; Kirby

A new bit here:

Some adjustment here:

New quote added to random quote generator here:

The quote:
I can spend my energy on limiting my child's world so that he will be safe and happy or I can spend my energy on helping my child learn the skills to navigate our world himself so that he will be safe and happy. I think the latter has a better chance of success in the long term.
—Eva Witsel
(It's in there, too.)

Two new things on the Kirby page to back up all of the above:
The first has notes on a comic for which Kirby's appearance and name are lifted (changed a bit, but based on Kirby).
The second is a place to collect unschooling-related notes, starting with something I wrote about a presentation he gave in Arizona last year. He'll be at the HSC conference in Sacramento in August, helping me with a workshop or two, and being on the young adult panel.

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