Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photos needed, Separation, "Perfect Vision"

If you would like to share a photo of your child or your children for use in Unschooling: The Movie, please go here to read more and for an e-mail link, already filled out with permission to use the photo:

A new page on what to consider if there is frustration in a marriage:
It will be expanded, but the list of considerations that's already there is by Glenda Sikes.

I can tell you how this is about unschooling, but not in one or two lines. It's about the connections that both unschooling and the internet makes possible, about what kinds of people become unschoolers, and about looking back, and forward.
If anyone reading here was in Cambridge (England's Cambridge) in the 1980's or knows people who were, maybe forward that. I'd love to have more on the page. Memories. Photos, maybe. Posters.

If you're on Facebook, please check out a new group called Radical Unschooling Info, the purpose of which is to help provide good unschooling resources to anyone who comes by there. I created the page, but many others are contributing to it. Come and help us out if you want to!

The photo is something I plan to send to Lee for his collection. It's Holly, half a dozen years ago, in a t-shirt I had kept from the early 1970's.

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