Monday, February 22, 2010

Be positive! TV, and The Mahogany Way

New quote from Schuyler Waynforth added to the page on negativity. How to become more positive in the moment, and then in the long term!

Success with Later Unschooling? A link corrected.
(Thanks to Pamela Knapp for finding the problem AND finding the correct link for me!)

TV page, another corrected link.
Eva Witzel found that the PDF for "Preschool Television Viewing and Adolescent Test Scores" had been moved to a new URL, and she sent the new link to me. It's all fixed now.

Amanda Horein found many links broken at
Most of them were geocities sites, which were all taken down (after a year of warnings) last year.

While I was in there, I added The Mahogany Way, a ning for mothers of color:

The photo is Kirby and Marty, years ago.

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